Thursday, April 18, 2024

Dimensional Rift or Cracks in the Wall

 Have you ever looked at a crack in the wall

and wondered if life form from another dimension was pushing on the wall causing it to crack?

Okay then you are probably more stable than me.

That is where this sculpture comes from; that kind of imagining.

Something I made up while looking at the sculpture:

The Crack
Shh, I just heard a tick, or more like a teenk
It just came from that crack, I mean that's what I think
do yo you hear a humming, or is that in my head
perhaps it's a buzzing that I am hearing instead
Is the crack getting bigger
was it always that long
I am going to stand behind you
and I need you to tell me I am wrong
Now I hear talking or maybe it's singing
Yes the buzzing has stopped, but now it's a ringing
This crack is distracting
I have given it to much control
I am putting it out of my mind
Wait, could it become a hole?

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

I Will Meet You There

" I Will Meet You There"
The title of this piece is probably more of a dare than an invitation, I mean where is "There"?
There, among lines franticly scratched
There, about the strange forms not clear at all
There, washed in colors keeping the secrets
There, where there is no easy place to sit down
There, I am asking you to find your way around
There is no real promise that I will actually show up
I am as afraid as you are to go there
So let's find another location!

This Image started as a mistake. It was one of those moments when a pen stroke went the wrong way and messed up what I was trying to do and in my frustration I just started scribbling and this was the result. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

with out form

I will let go of my form one day
what will I be then?
energy just bouncing around in the dust
a breeze blowing across damp metal creating rust
maybe a shimmer flashing in the hood of a car
or the haze in the distance blurring a rising star
two reeds sticking out of a pond one is wiggling back and forth
i'd be doing that. 
The gate in the backyard, catches the wind, bangs the post
you know where I'm at.
let's say my form is gone
I will find ways to carry on
tiny little motions
or really big bangs
just when you think its over
something somewhere starts again.

Not sure that works?

Monday, April 15, 2024

My Mind Nebula

"My Mind Nebula" is a colorful cloud that swirls around in my head. In my mind's self-fabricated reality there are actually many different nebula clouds. They are where I retreated when the teachers back in school said I was day dreaming. I fill these clouds with dream, in a form of language that only the soul can read. 

    We are beings of the outer world; we live by our senses. We measure, categorize, predict and plan everything out. We are driven by knowledge. We are now coming into a time where finding a balance between knowing and feeling will be the only way to thrive and survive.

    The reality is the inner world is as big as the outer. In fact the inner world may be larger than the universe itself. Then again, it may be the same place altogether. Whose mind nebula do you imagine you are living in?

Sunday, April 14, 2024



Sometimes I trust

the piece to work.

In the process

I often encounter 


This doubt comes 

from inner voices

saying, this makes no sense

why are you wasting time?

To which I say

trust me

it is alright to not know

what you are doing.

It took me a long time

to stand up to the voices

but now I trust the color and line.

They/I know where to go


Saturday, April 13, 2024

Right Down The Line

 I wanted to say something

at the time no one was there to listen

with no one to listen the thought not need be understandable

a language this no one would need or be able to comprehend 

so after the paint was on I said what I wanted to say

by dragging the handle end of my brush through the paint

Because no one was there to listen or comprehend

the message could also be incoherent 

this is because although I wanted to say something

I realized being alone I also did not need to understand

or comprehend what I was trying to say

This may be the true advantage of being alone

and this is what I was trying to say

I think.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Fragments of Stories (revisited)

 Sometimes I feel we are each just a fragment of an enormous story

I move my chapter along and it bumps into yours

I add parts of your being to my being and then I move on

You may walk away with a few bits off a page of mine 

Our fragments may touch only for a brief moment

Or they may be tangled for days or years or even a life time

Our chapters are even twisted with people we never meet

An event shared by another about a happening they heard of

We are then moved to wonder about these distant actors

Why did they do that, were they hurt, are they okay, happy now?

I am confused, so many fragments effect my being

If I could just back up enough to see the whole story

So many fragments...

...I will think this some more, later.