Sunday, August 4, 2019

Moment #20

"Morning Green"

Monday, July 29, 2019

Back Again

It has been a while! Instagram has become way to easy, but I am back trying the blog again. Working with some leftover wood, I have cut out three layers of abstract to paint. Love cutting forms. 
I will probably keep the front green with black edge. The blue grey is just a primer coat. That layer will be a multi color. The back whitish layer will be tones of blue green and gray. we will see how it turns out. Looking through my Photographs to fill in the holes.

Starting to select colors for the second layer. You can also see how small images will peak through the holes.
As this piece comes together it should start to create its own story or lore. Sometimes the story is clear to me but I hesitate to share it because the viewer of art can sometimes find a different story than the one I find or intend as I create. This I find is the best part of abstract work.

Playing around with Photo images to place into the openings on the sculpture. Little fragments of stories of earlier creations with in the new creations. We are ourselves many stories with in an on going story.
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Out of This

Out of this
Comes the fragment of a shadow
That whispers of light
I break forth
Into a shower of illuminating waves

Out of this
I carry fragments of dreams
That whisper of impossibilities
From the dark confusion
I hone a reality

Out of this
I carry fragments of being
That whisper to me of fullness
I hold rooted in the dark and stretch out into the light
And weave from this a self

Out of this,
Out of this
Again and again
I continue to reshape this self
Always anew
Into everyday.

"Out of This"  Sculpture/painting/ wall hanging - created to depict one rising from a night or darkness and bringing forth from that darkness new life. All that lives draws from the dark, that of rest and even from dark times.   Another location on the web to see this sculpture.

Jeff drawing out!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tangled in a Memory

tangled in a memory
still reaching to the source, 
the source
from which life came, 
from which all life comes;
a source so dangerous 
that to reach too closely
will end the life it dealt;
we are in the right place
not too close
not too far
where we need to be;
but still we reach
out from the gift 
of place that we inhabit
to return
to a memory
to the time we can not remember
when we were the source
we were the light
before we were structure
with spark
we road the solar wind
it is a memory
but not clear
for if it were clear
we would not need to reach
until the day our structure crumbles 
and the spark goes home.


I think there is more to this rambling thought, but i will stop here for now

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nature Talks

 Nature is filled with form and texture that I see stories or image in. I see it from afar but mostly I like to get very close so you can touch it.

Dead trees speak of times past and always seem to be trying to direct me to something unseen. A tangle of old dry roots ripped from the ground and dried in the sun and wind reflect the       struggle they once took on to hold a truck up high into the sky 
 Old stumps take on the look of old magical creatures, frozen in time, or at least held in place until they are weathered away.

Water leaves its story in the rock. slowly carving away taking hundreds of years to get it all down. Then in another hundred or so totally rewriting or painting or carving it away into another chapter. 

All these lines and textures are from my summer vacation to Colorado and Utah, August 2016

Jeff Taking it in.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Moment #19

"I Got You, Maybe"

Jeff wood cut 12"x32"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


 "Off Set"
One more in my layers series of sculpture. Still not sure if the layer represent individuals in community or if the layers are emotions layered within an individual. I think it can go either way. If I am looking at it as a community of beings I am seeing how they move with and against one another. Then when an external force or event impacts one how it pushes one into another. Yet I also see the community resisting or supporting. 
If I see this as emotional layers of the individual it feels like the different emotions are impacted and respond with motion to absorb or deflect the event or force.
Either way I am trying to make visual something that is not visual. I am cutting more of these when ever I can. This is a study or exploration that I need to make visual.

These are painted wood cuts roughly 24" high x18" wide. 

A closer look. The sphere or event in this case is a community unto it self. Life in a drop of water or one solar system crashing into another.

Jeff  piling it up